Unlimited Bandwidth
At GotoNames, we understand the needs of high traffic websites. So we give you yet another cost effective way to meet your increasing bandwidth requirements. Get Unlimited bandwidth with our Premium Hosting Plan and enjoy all the facilities while saving those precious dollars.

With Unlimited bandwidth you can have a highly media rich website. You can upload as many pictures and videos, heavy image or video files. And all that at no additional cost.

If your website enjoy a high traffic inflow, just get on our Premium Hosting Plan and make the most of the Unlimited bandwidth.

Daily backups
Our goal is an environment where you will never lose data. Our Architecture ensures multiple copies of your critical data on our servers for increased protection.
We also take a “cold” daily backup of your data and store it on a separate node as an additional measure of security. To request a restore from the daily backups, please submit a ticket to Tech Support by visiting http://support.gotonames.com or send an email to GotoNames Support. This type of backup is free of charge and is retained for 7 days.
Please note- we are not responsible for data loss due to any failure of our backup mechanism. You are responsible for maintaining adequate backups of your content.
To learn more about our backup policy please read our Hosting Terms and Conditions.
Client-Side backups
These backups are initiated by the customer via the Manage Account Section, and the data is saved to the customer's local computer. This service is free. There is a 10 MB download limit on client side backups via the Manage Account Section. For larger backups, please use an FTP client like FileZilla.
Please note that restoring a file or directory from a backup will overwrite the already existing files. If you still need the content of the existing files, you must rename them using the file manager from your Manage Account Section.
We strongly recommend that you keep a backup of critical files and data somewhere outside of the GotoNames system. Please also be noted that this service backs up only your file system. Database backups need to be done via the PHPMyAdmin menu in your Manage Account Section.
If you would like GotoNames administrators to assist in writing backup scripts tailored to your site or help in any way, please send an email to GotoNames Support or submit a ticket to Tech support from our Support Site http://support.gotonames.com.
Security Advantage
Multiple tiers of security are integrated into the GotoNames hosting platform unlike a typical hosting environment where security is an additional layer. The stock solutions used for shared hosting do not solve core issues around integrating security between the application and the operating system. At best, most typical hosts will implement a firewall solution, and weaknesses inherent with the operating system remain.
  • Scripts are isolated and monitored
  • No bad neighbors
  • PHP security
  • Apache security
  • MySQL security